Land Bank accepts St. Anthony Church donation

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The Toledo Catholic Diocese announced Tuesday that the Lucas County Land Bank accepted the donation of St. Anthony Church.

According to a news release from the Diocese, Bishop Daniel Thomas received a letter from the authorized Vice Presidents of the Lucas County Land Bank formally accepting, as a gift, the former Saint Anthony Church, the rectory and the parcel of land on which they sit. The Diocese says the land bank also accepted the adjacent parcel of land at 519 Junction Avenue.

The Lucas County Land Bank previously decided to move forward with negotiations to assume the donation of St. Anthony Church from the Diocese of Toledo at reasonable terms.

All indications are the church is structurally sound and, with some repair, could last another 15-years.

Friday, inspectors looked at everything outside and inside the church, the floors, the walls, the ceiling, the steeple and found all of it in *Good Condition*.

The report indicates minor repairs are needed to the roof, gutters, doors, windows and downspouts, estimate cost $150,000.

“While I wish the recently expressed interest in the building had been made known much earlier,” said Bishop Thomas, “I believe that together we have found a solution that will allow those who want to preserve the building to do just that.”

The Diocese says it will now work to deed the parcels of land to the Land Bank as soon as possible as well as work with the demolition company to fulfill any obligations relative to the contract that was signed in January 2018.

Bishop Thomas remarked, “Now that the Land Bank has accepted the gift of the buildings and the land, it is the sincere hope of the Diocese that, in coordination with the Padua Center, the future use of the property will provide a safe environment as well as promote even greater outreach for the good of the community.”

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