Local tax preparers are busy as the deadline approaches

TOLEDO (WTVG) - This is the day to settle up with Uncle Sam. Tax Day 2019. There are tens of millions of people who waited until April 15th to file. Even though it may be last-minute, nothing is technically late until the end of today.

The Liberty Tax office on Laskey has been a busy place in recent days.
Owner Dave Gang has been starting his day before dawn and leaving after dark He says changes in the tax code are taking some people by surprise,"You hear a lot of talk before tax season, but until you feel it in your pocketbook you may not know just how the changes will affect you."

Tonda VanGunten was planning to do her own taxes this year, but says that quickly changed with a little help from her cat, "I thought I was going to do my taxes myself, but my cat ate my mouse on my computer. Seriously. I was then going to file on my phone, but I didn't. They have done a good job on my taxes in the past, so I just came over here to Liberty."

A lot of people wanted professional help this year because of the changes. Gang says among the biggest changes are itemized deductions, the standard deduction as well as withholding, "A lot of employers changed their withholding last February. Some people reacted to that so they are getting the same refunds as before. Others are surprised because their withholding is a lot less."

If that caught you off guard, you can make changes with your employer. Carey Stansbury is the owner of Informative Financial Services, "There is a W-4 form you can fill out and just change the withholding. That will have more withheld from your paycheck, and give you more back at tax time."

While a lot of you may be having to pay for the first time in a a while, Gang says the big picture is good,"Overall the tax burden is down which is a good thing."

If you can't finish your taxes today, you can file an extension. However, Stansbury says it doesn't mean you don't have to make a payment."In filing an extension it gives you until October 15th to file your tax return. But you are still going to have to pay not or else you will be paying interest and a penalty from that point on."

Like a lot of tax preparers, Liberty Tax on Laskey will be open late Monday. Gang says he'll keep the office open until the last customer is finished which will probably be around nine tonight.