Law enforcement offers tips to stay safe in public places after foiled domestic terror attack in Toledo

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Like many downtown Toledo bars, Table Forty 4 is gearing up for the busy holiday rush.

"We expect to be wall-to-wall every Friday and Saturday, and we have events in here as well," said manager Bob Perry. "So we hope to be at capacity."

To ensure everything runs safe and sound managers are relying on a security team.

"We do employ extra security," said Perry. "We brought those guys on a few years back, and we even have an off-duty officer at all times at the door on Fridays and Saturdays."

Perry says Table Forty 4 uses and shares many of the same safety tactics as nearby bars. Despite feeling safe overall he says news of a recently foiled "mass murder" attempt at an unnamed Toledo bar is a little unsettling.

"I always hear of a 'local attack,' and you always just have to hope it's not going to happen to you," said Perry.

FBI agents arrested Elizabeth Lecron, 23, Monday for plans to do just that. Investigators say she even bought black powder and hundreds of screws to build a bomb for her attack.

"It's sad that there are people that are, unfortunately, of a mental state that want to do something like that," said Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn.

While the threat targeted Toledo Wasylyshyn says there's steps everyone can take to stay safe in public places like bars. One of those includes knowing your points of exit, including ones you overlook.

"Every restaurant—certainly every restaurant I've ever been in—has a door in the kitchen," said Wasylyshyn. "So you can always exit through the kitchen because that's where deliveries are."

The sheriff says it's also a good idea to always trust your gut and never second guess yourself.

"If you feel uncomfortable when you're at an event or you're somewhere the best thing to do is to leave," said Wasylyshyn. "Step back and listen to that sixth sense."

Finally, if you see something that needs an officer's attention Wasylyshyn says speak up.

"Make your concerns known," said Wasylyshyn. "Don't keep them to yourself because what we don't want is the hindsight where someone goes, 'Gee. I should have.'"

While investigators won't name the bar that was specifically targeted in Lecron's planned attack managers at Table Forty 4 aren't taking any chances. With more customers expected around the upcoming holidays managers say they're bringing on extra security.