Leaders call on Lucas County voters to turn out for Tuesday's Primary Election

Published: Sep. 8, 2019 at 10:07 PM EDT
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For Fred Blanton early voting is an easy way to make his voice heard.

"It's just real convenient," Blanton said. "I think that's the most appealing thing."

As of Sunday his vote was one of more than 2,100 already cast ahead of Tuesday's Primary Election.

“Especially on the weekends you can take advantage of the early voting hours," Blanton said. "It works out real well.”

While Blanton voted in-person a majority of ballots are coming in absentee. Despite that Board of Elections leaders say less than 60 percent of the requested ballots have been returned, and that has the head of the Lucas County's Republican party concerned.

"We think we've put some great candidates on the field to give voters a choice, decide where they want to go with the city," chairman Mark Wagoner said.

This year's primary focuses on city council races in both Toledo and Maumee. In Toledo alone 17 candidates spanning districts one through five are on the ballot. Once voters have their say only two people-per district will move on to November's General Election. To guarantee solid candidates then Wagoner says people need to get out and vote now.

"If you don't show up on the Primary you really can't about the candidates you have to pick from in the General," Wagoner said.

During the council primary in 2015 Board of Elections leaders say less than 10 percent of registered voters in Lucas County turned out. Now entering another election they say the number of in-person votes is already double that from four years ago. Despite slightly better numbers Wagoner says more people need to turn out.

"We need to get out and exercise our right to participate in democracy and to choose our leaders," Wagoner said.

Monday is the final day for early voting in Lucas County. You can cast your ballot at the Early Vote Center on Monroe Street from 8 a.m. and 2 pm.

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