Lenawee County residents spend Friday digging out, sledding in the snow

ADRIAN, Mich. (13abc Action News) - If you traveled through Lenawee County Friday chances are you saw a lot of people armed with shovels.

"[We've been] shoveling snow non-stop," said Andrew Plate with Slusarski Excavating and Paving. "This is actually like the fifth time that we've been through on this block."

Plate and his crew were on the run since 5:00 a.m. working to clear the snow from many business sidewalks and parking lots.

"We stopped to eat at some point, but I'm not exactly sure when," said Tommy Pickney with Slusarski Excavating and Paving. "So we've just been going trying to stay ahead of it."

While some were lucky to have the snow removed for them, others had to do it themselves.

"How many passes have you made out here today?," 13abc reporter Michael Bratton asked Adrian resident Gloria Martinez. "This is my fourth time," said Martinez. "Getting tired of it yet?," asked Bratton. "Yes, when you have to do it on your own," laughed Martinez.

Lenawee County was under a Winter Storm Warning the entire day.

The heavy snowfall and fast accumulation closed many schools, prompting a snow day for kids and parents.

"[We] got a snow day," said Adrian resident Tiffany Robinson. "Finally, we got a snow day!"

Even with the day growing shorter, many families were enjoying the weather by taking time to sled.

"It's just fun to go down there so fast and just relax in the cold weather," said sledder Jace Newsom.

But fortunately it wasn't bitterly cold, making a day on the hill a day to remember.