Lethal Drug Available Online

This drug is available online and it can kill you the same as heroin, fentanyl and carfentanyl. It's called U-47700 or U-4, also known as "Pink" or "Pinky." The drug had previously been legal to buy over the internet, however the DEA recently announced that is now in the agency's most restricted category of Schedule I, which means it's an imminent hazard to the public safety.

The Lucas County Coroner reports three local men overdosed and died from the drug over the past few months. "You're basically ordering a serial killer in a package to come to the house," says Lt. Bob Chromik, the Director of the Lucas County DART Unit. "We've had incidents where people have ordered it and it's arrived at treatment centers and we've had to intervene."

"This is a synthetic opioid that is at least eight times more powerful than morphine," says Promedica ER Dr. Brian Kaminski MD. "For a long time this drug was widely available and legal because the restrictions hadn't caught up with the drug dealers who know the back channels of how to market these things."

Investigators say there if a feeling among some addicts that it's safer than buying it on the streets. "These are people that are probably not attuned to going to the trap houses and the drug dealers around here, probably more medical where their addiction started," says Chromik.

Even though the drug is not legal currently, it doesn't usually take long for the Chinese manufacturers to get around that according to Lisa Long, who is a DART officer. "The stuff that comes from China, they can a molecule and all of a sudden it's legal again," says Long. "There's no way in sight for you to be able to slow down an online shipment."