"Lets shoot up the school" posted to social media by Findlay high school teens

Published: Sep. 14, 2016 at 9:36 PM EDT
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Two Findlay High School freshman girls posted a photo to Instagram of them standing with toy guns and holding a white sign with "I hate everyone, you hate everyone. Lets shoot up the school at homecoming" written on it in bold letters. Above the picture were more disturbing words that the two 14-year-old girls came up with that read, "If school shooting was a sport. America would get the gold."

It didn't take long for the photo and caption to make its way from Findlay to other parts of Ohio.

Wyatt Ault said, "there's certain topics that you don't joke about and that's something that you absolutely don't joke about."

People like Ault read about it on social media, along with Findlay high school's administration.

Findlay High School's Principal Craig Kupferberg sent out this statement:

"Yesterday morning, we became aware of an image on social media that included two of our students holding a homemade sign referencing violence at homecoming and holding toy guns. The police were notified immediately and were involved with the investigation from the start as the police and administrators met with the students and their guardians.

The situation is under control and the incident is being handled appropriately with the safety and security of our students, staff, and visitors always the focus. There is currently no credible threat to anyone at school or any school related activity, including homecoming. We appreciate the individuals who brought this situation to our attention and encourage everyone that sees or hears anything suspicious to report it immediately.

During our investigation, we have found that there is a social media movement called “I hate everyone.” It seems that this movement is encouraging individual who feel alone to join together. This is being extended to the world of homecoming where you will hear some say something to the affect, “I hate everyone, you hate everyone, let’s go to homecoming together.” It is a way of asking someone to the homecoming dance. Unfortunately, these two students took that message to a completely different level that is completely inappropriate."

They teens are suspended. Findlay police Lt. Robert Ring said, the girls could be looking at disorderly conduct charges.

"I think that the two girls being suspended is fine," said Mr. Struble.

Ault hopes these girls and others understand that you have to think before you post.

"When social media first came around and I remember Myspace and now it's just totally taken off and I think it does more harm than good at this point," added Ault.

The Courier has more on the story including the picture. Please find a link to the right.

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