Levis Commons stores in need of workers

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - Levis Commons is gearing up for the holiday season, but many stores are worried about keeping up with the increase of shoppers.

"This is the first time in 15 years that the stores had all really just expressed an absolute dire need of seasonal employees going in to the holiday season," said Allison Schroeder, the marketing director at Levis Commons.

Some of the stores have even had to decline participating in community events and promotions.

"They just have minimal staffing enough to cover the store. They don't have those extra people to be able to come to those events," said Schroeder.

Last month Levis Commons hosted a job fair, but the turnout was low. The problem most stores are facing is a lack of applicants.

Kaila Mccoppin is the store manager at Francesca's. She says for the last few months she's struggled to find people to hire, making it difficult to handle all of the additional shoppers this time of year.

"Really making that guest experience happen was a struggle for a while just because we didn't have the staff to do it," said Mccoppin.

Just this week, Francesca's became fully staffed. The newest hire starts tomorrow, but I'm told many other stores at Levis Commons still could use an extra set of hands.

"They're down to the wire, like, if they don't find them now they're going to be in the thick of the season and not have time for the training and stuff anyways," said Schroeder.