Liberty Center High School celebrates three-generations of homecoming queens

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LIBERTY CENTER, Ohio (WTVG) - Meredith Zeiter is all smiles as Liberty Center's 2019 Homecoming Queen even with the traditional crowning ceremony taking place inside and not on the football field thanks to the weather.

"This has been so special," Zeiter said. "I'm so honored that the students here would even vote for me. They're so sweet."

While it is Zeiter at center court leading the homecoming court on this night, she is a third generation homecoming queen at Liberty Center High School. Plus Zeiter's cousin Constance Roell wore the crown last year.

"Meredith's mom and my mom were best friends throughout high school so my mom got homecoming queen," Roell said. "And then just like Meredith and I, a year later, her mom gets homecoming queen."

Sitting in the bleachers Friday are Meredith Zeiter's great grandmothers - both 1945 graduates of Liberty Center High School. Jeanne Kern does not walk much today but Meredith needs an escort on the court.

"I said I'll do it if I have to crawl on my hands and knees," Kern said. "This is a once in a lifetime thing. This isn't anything you can repeat."

Meredith's other great-grandmother Bonnie Mohler - no relation to the Tigers head football coach Casey Mohler - was not the homecoming queen in 1944, but her daughter, grand daughter and now great granddaughter are all queens at Liberty Center. So why does this run in the family?

"Beauty," Mohler said laughing. "I couldn't resist that."

The family had plenty of smiles as everyone wanted a picture of the group.

"Getting them here was definitely hard," Zeiter said. "But I'm so thankful. They wouldn't have missed it for the world."

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