Little girl and babysitter in serious condition after dog attack

Published: Apr. 6, 2017 at 6:30 PM EDT
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A local girl is in serious condition after she was mauled by a dog.

The six year old is recovering at the University of Michigan Medical Center.

The attack happened at a home in the three thousand block of Woodhurst. It's an emotional time for the parents of the little girl.

Her father says the babysitter is like a member of the family. She was also seriously injured while trying to stop the dog.

6-year year old Aria Walz and her babysitter Allison Parsons are very close. They are recovering from serious dog bite injuries. Wednesday they planned to go to Imagination Station. They stopped by Parsons home to let out her boyfriend's roommate's dog. It attacked the little girl.

A neighbor heard screams and ran over to try to fend off the pit bull mix. According to a police report the dog bit the little girl on the coat. The babysitter thought the dog was playing, but then it bit the girl on the face and began shaking his head violently. Aria's father says Allison tried to open the dogs mouth, but he bit her fingers. She suffered severe wounds to hand.

Aria's father says he tries not to think about what could have happened to his daughter if the neighbor didn't shoot the dog. Shaun Soleau tried to stop the attack with a broom, but the dog wouldn't let go.

Soleau pulled his handgun and fired it four times. One of the bullets hit the dog in the hip.

Aria had surgery at the University of Michigan medical center. Her left arm is broken. She has puncture wounds everywhere. Doctors will have to wait to see whether there's any nerve damage to her face.