Local mom shares how EdChoice has impacted her family

Published: Jan. 21, 2020 at 12:42 PM EST
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Without EdChoice, Andrea de la Roca says she wouldn't be able to afford to send her three children to Catholic schools.

Her two sons attend St. John's Jesuit and her daughter attends St. Benedict.

"EdChoice is huge for my family. The schools that I choose for them because it fits who they are," she said.

Andrea has been following the controversy behind the expansion of the program, and on Tuesday, she and other local parents headed to Columbus to show support for the scholarship program.

"Kids spend so much time in school, that I want them to be in a positive environment where they can be encouraged," she said.

Andrea is a single mom who moved to Toledo from Napoleon and lives in the Rogers district.

"So when we moved here and I looked at the schools, I'm like there's no way I can put my kids there. It is too big, there's no sense of community, and I wanted them to have the same experience I had in school," she said.

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