Driver sentenced to 11.5 years for deadly Bedford Township accident

Lambertville, MI (WTVG) 49-year-old Raymond Reyome has been sentenced to a minimum of 11.5 years in a Michigan penitentiary. He could serve up to 30 years. Reyome appeared in Monroe County court Thursday afternoon to face sentencing for killing two siblings with his pickup truck on the 4th of July.

It was an emotional day in court when the sentence was handed down. The judge in the case said that 11.5 years was not enough to pay for what Reyome had done. In fact, the judge said, 100 years wouldn't be enough.

In December, Reyome plead 'no contest' to two counts of reckless driving causing death. He admitted to smoking marijuana at the moment he struck and killed the two Haun children.

Reyome apologize to the family in court on Thursday.

Reyome had 26 prior felony convictions, including grand theft and robbery.