Local Red Cross volunteer calls Texas "unbelievable"

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(TOLEDO) - it's not her first disaster.

But Holly Blaine calls what she has witnessed in Texas since last Thursday "unbelievable!" in size and scope.

Blaine told 13abc.com by phone Sunday evening that "you really can't believe it. Picture a gymnasium packed with cots. I sleep on a cot, too with two blankets. And people, people, people. You had four toilets in the women's room and four in the men's. There were no showers...no air conditioning...no power except lights. There's no refrigeration. So we had cold cereal in the morning and made lots of peanut butter and jelly."

Blaine will be joined by at least eleven others from Northwest Ohio who are headed to the Lone Star state.

Executive Director Todd James, also of Hancock County, departs Monday. "I want to do the best job I can do while I'm there because that's how I can best help those folks that have been affected", he said. He calls the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey a tough situation. He expects to be deployed for at least ten days. He added that "the majority of the people at the Red Cross that respond to this and every disaster...are volunteers. These are folks who are leaving their jobs, their families and their homes at a moment's notice to travel where people are needed and to help."

Blaine says rain stopped for a while Sunday evening but more is predicted. She adds, "you just try to be cheerful and make the best of the situation."