Local Syrian community reacts to airstrikes

TOLEDO (WTVG) - Members of the Syrian community here in Toledo are responding to President Trump's orders to launch an airstrike on Syria.

Genevieve Kirkbride believes President Trump made the right move by sending a message to the Syrian regime.

"Something has to be done to show the rest of the world that this is unacceptable," Genevieve said.

Kirkbride was born in Lebanon, close to the Syria boarder. She said several of her family members currently live in Damascus.

"It kept me up all night wondering if my cousins are okay," said Genevieve..

Corine Dehabey also has family living in Damascus. However, she shares a different opinion on the airstrikes.

"They added more killing, they added more torture, they added more violence," Dehabey said.

Dehabey said she hopes President Trump will have a change of heart on the travel ban policy and allow Syrian refugees to come to America.

"It's going to give the people a chance who left the country a safe haven," said Dehabey.

Right now there are more than 50 Syrian families in Toledo.