Local company seeks to open medical marijuana dispensary in Toledo

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - It's currently an empty building for sale, but it could soon be developed into a medical marijuana dispensary.

"I'm not sure that it's appropriate for this particular neighborhood," said Toledo resident Tami Mills.

People like Mills recently received a letter from Glass City Alternatives, LLC looking to acquire the property. It explains that a permit has been filed with the City of Toledo to operate a dispensary at the location near Sylvania and Secor.

"I'd be afraid it might bring in the wrong kind of people in the evenings after they're closed," said Mills.

Medical marijuana was legalized in Ohio last year and state law allows Lucas County to have two dispensaries.

But Mills thinks there are better locations that a dispensary can go besides her neighborhood.

"Even if they put it in St. Anne's, or near St. Anne's, I can understand that or near a medical facility, but in the middle of the neighborhood I'm afraid it's going to bring in possibilities of break-ins," said Mills.

Despite having the potential of being located next to area businesses and family homes, other believe the proposed dispensary could be a community asset.

“Would you rather be on medical marijuana? Or would you rather be Percocet?,” said Toledo resident Jonathan Perry.

He believes a dispensary could offer beneficial medical alternatives for people.

"It helps with a lot of different things, instead of pain pills," said Perry. "You just gotta' be responsible with anything—anything you do. You know, with alcohol you gotta' be responsible. With marijuana, if you're going to use it, you gotta' be responsible."

Ohioans can't even get medical marijuana yet and may not be able to until September 2018, and there are still several hurdles to overcome before a dispensary could even open along Sylvania Avenue.

A meeting regarding the proposed medical marijuana dispensary will be held November 6, 2017 at Signal Niteclub located at 3922 Secor Road in Toledo.