Local couple may have to postpone wedding because of Hurricane Michael

TOLEDO (WTVG) - Imagine having your destination wedding planned in your dream location only to have Mother Nature try to crash the party. A Sandusky couple is scheduled to get married in Florida Thursday. And in spite of Hurricane Michael, they're optimistic!

The good news is that they're in Destin, which is west of Mexico Beach. Mexico Beach is the town where the monster storm made landfall.

Destin is a special place for Michele Bean and Jason Burns. The couple is set to say,"I do," on the beach there,"My fiancée wanted a wedding on the beach, and we're going to do whatever it takes to get her a wedding on the beach." And there may be some extra effort needed to make that happen.

Hurricane Michael could be a wedding crasher but so far, so good, "We talked with the wedding planner. She said that as long as there are no major power outages or transportation issues, it should be on. If there are problems, we can postpone it a day or two."

The good news for Michele and Jason's wedding is that the storm actually shifted a bit from its original course, "It's windy and wavy. The ocean is pretty angry right now, but I think we dodged a bullet. The storm tracked a lot further east than they first thought. It is not a bad here as we thought it might be. We were prepared for the worst, and thankfully it doesn't look like we're getting the worst."

However, Jason says the hurricane is holding up a couple important wedding guests,"My fiancée's sister and her fiancée were supposed to be here yesterday. They are in Alabama waiting out the storm. They should be here tomorrow morning."

Jason says people have reminded him of the old saying about rain on your wedding day, "If rain is good luck on a wedding day, what's a hurricane, right? However it plays out, this will certainly be an amazing story to tell for years to come. "

And if they are forced to postpone the wedding, Michele already has a Plan B, "We'll get it figured ;if not we'll just have to make a return trip in a couple weeks."

One of the amazing things about this story is that in the middle of thinking about their happily ever after, the couple is thinking of all the people who are taking a direct hit from the hurricane, "I work at Lowe's in Sandusky, and I have reached out to Lowe's here to see if they needed any extra help or extra volunteers.We want to help if we can."

As you heard, Michele and Jason say they do have a little wiggle room if they have to move the wedding date. They're scheduled to stay in Destin until Monday.

We wish them all the best!