Local rescue gives dog from suspected fighting operation a second chance

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SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Ohio (13abc Action News) - The Lucas County Pit Crew has found homes for hundreds of abused and abandoned dogs in the last 7 years.

One of their newest dogs in the rescue group's care is Layla. She was seized as part of a suspected dog fighting operation. Thanks to a lot of dedicated volunteers, Layla is well on her way to a happy home.

It may be hard to believe when you see her today that just a few short months ago Layla was seized as part of a suspected dog fighting operation.

Jean Keating is the Executive Director of the Lucas County Pit Crew,"Dogs live in the moment, and they hold no grudges to the past. It's what's happening now that is important to them, and who they are with. Clearly she's a great dog. She likes people, she truly lights up when she sees people."

Layla is one of three dogs seized by Lucas County Canine Care and Control. She was recently transferred to the pit crew. The other two dogs seized in that alleged dog fighting operation will be as well in the coming weeks.

Jean is one of the people who evaluated the dogs after they were brought in, "All three of them tested very well in things you may think they would not."

Robin Reyner is a Lucas County Pit Crew volunteer. She's worked with dozens of dogs in her four years with the organization, "You would think with Layla's background she would struggle with people, but she does not at all. All she wants to do is to be loved and hugged, and that's easy to do for her."

While treats, toys and love are the biggest rewards for Layla, her happiness is more than enough reward for those making sure her tail has a happy ending, "When they go out the door into a loving home, it is the most amazing thing you have ever experienced. I try not to cry, but I usually cry. They are happy tears."

Caring for Layla and all the others with the pit crew takes a lot of time and money. In fact, vet bills alone last year were more than $70,000. So the group comes up with creative ways to raise money. This Saturday is Pins for Pups at Timbers Bowling Lanes in Maumee.