Local drummer making a name for himself around the world

Published: Nov. 30, 2017 at 5:07 PM EST
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He's been on some of the biggest stages in the world, and it all started right here in Toledo. JP Cappelletty, or Rook as his band mates call him, is the drummer for Machine Gun Kelly.

At just 24-years-old JP has already racked up an impressive musical resume that includes playing with some other big name stars like Kid Rock.

When you hear JP play, it's quickly clear that he's an extremely talented musician. JP picked up his first drum sticks at the age of two and hasn't put them down since, "I was always going to concerts with my dad. Every time I would see the drummers on stage, I would say to my dad that's what I want to do, I want to be that guy. That's what I always wanted to do with my life."

JP set his sights on making his dream of becoming a rock star a reality. At first, JP says not everyone was convinced that was a good plan, "In high school my counselors would be on me saying I know you want to be a rock star, but you need to have other choices. I understood where they were coming from but I told them I was either going to be a drummer or a bum, that was my mind set."

JP got his big break before his 18th birthday. He says after sending a number of videos to Machine Gun Kelly he got a call while he was sitting in class his senior year at Sylvania Southview. That call was the start of his career as a rock star, "I don't think it's impossible for anyone to do what I am doing. It's about getting yourself in the right place and having the right people to help you with your vision. As long as you have a vision of what you want to do, you can get there."

While he travels all over the world, JP says home is an important place, "I like to come home because out in places like Los Angeles it is not always sunshine and rainbows. I come home for a reality check, my time here helps me bring myself back down to earth."

JP comes by his talent honestly. JP's dad Johnny is also a drummer, and had national success in the band Damien, "The apple sure didn't fall far from the tree! It sure didn't. It was so clear to me what he wanted to do, I had to let him try it."

Johnny says it's actually been more fun to watch his son's career, "What's crazy is that even with all his success, he hasn't changed a lot. He's a great person. We are more like friends than father and son. We get to be a part of a lot of what he has done, and that's been fantastic.He wants us around."

While JP is humble, his dad is proud to share the stories of JP's accomplishments, "He's in the top 10-15 drummers of his generation and he's moving up quickly. That's because he works hard at it. I always told him that he has to work hard on his drums, and he knows that now, that's what it takes. It is so great to see him have this success after all his hard work."

JP has certainly had incredible success at a young age, but says he's not slowing down, "I try not to soak in all of it it too much. I don't want to get too comfortable, because I still have a lot of goals I want to meet."

JP is back in Los Angeles tonight, but he'll be back in the area in a few weeks for a Machine Gun Kelly concert in Cleveland December 22nd.

On a side note, you saw the dogs in the story. JP rescued the little one named Sid while he was on tour in Texas.Sid actually went on the road with Machine Gun Kelly for a few months, but he now lives here with JP's dad, stepmom and JP's other dog Chopo.