Hurricane Dorian hits close to home for local families

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - The devastation Hurricane Dorian is leaving in its wake is hitting close to home for some local families. There are many from here who either vacation in The Bahamas, or own houses and condos there.

The LeBoutillier and Westmeyer families both have long-standing ties with the Abaco Islands. The LeBoutillier family has had a home in Elbow Cay for 70 years. The Westmeyers have had a condo in Treasure Cay for the last 16 years. The Abaco Islands are in the northern Bahamas.

Both families say communication is spotty right now. They have been unable to check on their homes, but they say their main concern is the safety of family and friends. They say most people there have no food, shelter, water, electricity or way to communicate with the outside world. Getting help to the islands is extremely difficult at this point.

The LeBoutilliers and Westmeyers say it is hard to imagine the destruction that has been left behind from the wall of water that slammed into their beloved islands. Hurricane Dorian is one of the most powerful storms to hit that region in the last century.

Both families plan to be part of helping rebuild the place they call paradise.