"It's a safety hazard": Local group wants Toledo gas station shut down

Published: Feb. 7, 2020 at 2:48 PM EST
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A local group wants a Toledo gas station shut down, claiming it's a public safety hazard. They say it's not being held to the same standards as other businesses in other parts of town.

The gas station in question is at the intersection of Dorr and Hoag. Many refer to it as "Clarks," but its official name is Ray's Mini Mart.

The newly formed Toledo Metropolitan Tavern and Pub Association want it to be closed for a variety of reasons.

"It's a nuisance. It's a safety hazard. It's a health hazard," said Blair Johnson of the Toledo Metropolitan Tavern and Pub Association.

The list is long for why Johnson is upset about Ray's Mini Mart. For the last six months, the gas station has been under construction. Doors and windows are boarded up and the insulation is exposed.

"It's an urban area so I feel like it's being kind of ignored because if this was anywhere else in the city it wouldn't be allowed to be sat like this," said Johnson.

In the past year, Toledo police have taken 21 reports at this address. Six for warrant service, three for robbery, two for disorderly conduct, and a slew of other crimes.

"Nights, weekends, there's a lot of different issues that occur. I mean gas is probably the least traffic they get there," said Johnson.

13abc spoke with general manager Steve Hassan on the phone. He admits the neighborhood is prone to crime, but says incidents happen on his property "once in a blue moon."

13abc also checked in with the Lucas County Health Department. According to inspectors, Ray's Mini Mart is required to be inspected once a year and after any complaints. Currently, there are none.

The most recent inspection was in September. It was a follow up to an August visit.

Repeat violations like water dripping from the display cooler, the floors, walls and ceilings not being maintained or easily cleanable and the physical facility not being in good repair were recorded.

The sanitarian also noted the remodel job required a permit. The city confirms it has since been filed.

Hassan told 13abc he's doing everything he can to correct the violations to make it nicer for customers. He's aware the store needs work, which is why he's renovating. But it's a job he says won't happen overnight.

That doesn't mean much to Johnson.

"I think they should be shut down because they clearly don't care about the community they operate in," said Johnson.

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