Local law enforcement weighs in on arming educators

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - For Oregon's assistant police chief, guns have no business in the hands of teachers.

"There's just so many things that you can think about that could potentially lead to tragedy as opposed to what the intention would be," said Oregon Assistant Police Chief Paul Magdich.

Arming teachers and staff has led to divisive discussion since the mass school shooting in Florida.

Even after hearing from parents in a recent safety forum, Magdich says officers simply have more training on the use of weapons.

"From the day you go into the academy to the last day you walk out the door, you have to defend that weapon," said Magdich. "There's always a weapon wherever you go because you bring it."

Instead of arming educators, the Oregon officer recommends the use of metal detectors and backpack searches in schools.

He even points to ALICE safety training his officers give to Oregon students and staff.

"The things that we're teaching—they're good techniques," said Magdich. "It's a very common sense approach to a very insane situation."

But in Wood County, Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn sees things differently.

"If a school board and their superintendent feel that their school administrators, teachers should be able to carry a gun, I think it's their decision and I will support what their decision is," said Wasylyshyn.

The sheriff says law enforcement should always be the first choice for carrying guns in schools.

But during active shooter situations, he thinks an armed teacher could potentially make a difference.

"If someone is trained [and] they know what they're doing, [they] could deal with that situation and stop the shooter before the deputy gets there," said Wasylyshyn.

Regardless of where the discussion goes from here, both lawmen agree there are no easy answers.

"Every school is different and school boards have to make that tough decision of what's best for us," said Wasylyshyn.

"I think you have to look at all the potential circumstances before you make a decision there," added Magdich.