Local man's photo of Neil Armstrong will be immortalized

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PEMBERVILLE (WTVG) - Neil Armstrong's northwest Ohio hometown threw a big party to celebrate his accomplishments in September 1969. Tens of thousands of people lined the streets for a parade. A local photographer got the shot of a lifetime at the event.

Dennis Walston is a professional photographer from Pemberville. In 1969, he was a 21-year-old student at BGSU. He heard about the parade honoring Armstrong and decided to go with a friend, who was also a photographer. The two managed to secure a second-story spot to take pictures. Dennis was able to capture a picture of Armstrong looking right at him and waving.

Dennis says getting the shot of a lifetime in 1969 was a lot harder than it is today because they were shooting on film. He didn't even know whether he'd gotten a good shot until he developed the pictures and looked at them with a magnifying glass. He quickly realized he had captured a great picture of the American hero.

The picture recently caught the eye of people in Wapakoneta involved with a new plaque and statue being dedicated in memory of Armstrong. Dennis' picture will be used for the plaque. It will be dedicated Wednesday night in downtown Wapakoneta.