Local maple syrup production in full swing as trees prepare for spring

Published: Mar. 5, 2018 at 6:10 PM EST
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Before flowers bloom and bees hum, maple sap is turned into syrup. Ohio is one of only thirteen major maple producing states in the nation.

Maple tree sap is mostly water and only 2 percent sugar. Dick’s Maple Farm in Williams County says this time of year sap that was stored in the roots are sent up into the branches, to start preparing for the spring budding process.

Once the tree is tapped, sap is collected and filtered. Then brought into a sugar shack. Where “we start the process of boiling that water. All we really do when we make maple syrup is just removing the water to concentrate it down to where the sugar content is 66.6 percent. Which is pure maple syrup.” said Lamar Dick, Co-Owner of Dick’s Maple Farm.

If you want some pure locally made syrup, House of Meats is one place you can shop. Or go to ohio-maplesyrup.com