Local monsignor reacts to 'tragic' fire at Notre Dame in Paris

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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - Monday's fire during Holy Week seems both unfortunate and tragic.

Monsignor Chris Vasko of the Historic Church of Saint Patrick watched Notre Dame Cathedral burn.

Monsignor Vasko says, "It is one of those places that evokes the Catholic Church and its rich history first by its mere presence".

Notre Dame's presence came from it's imposing architecture which shows the power of God.

Its interior tells the story of salvation.

Its statues reveal the great saints of France.

Yet Monday's destruction of the 856-year old building confirmed the central lesson of Catholicism.

Vasko says, "As we evolve as people, as a church, we need those structures to remind us that the God behind it doesn't change."

Saint Patrick survived it's own troubles. Back in 1980, the steeple was struck by lightning and caught fire. But this church, around for 117 years, survived. The faithful never retreated.
Vasko says, "Faith survives these things because faith is in God and God wants us to have these beautiful expressions of our faith."

And no doubt Notre Dame, and its beautiful expression of the faith, will be restored.

And the church, built in the Middle Ages, will remain a symbol of God for all the ages.

Vasko says, "While we will mourn the loss of that building, we celebrate the Christ who's resurrection stands behind all of that."

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