Local pageant queen making a difference in the lives of disabled veterans

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POINT PLACE, Ohio (WTVG) - She loves the glitz and glam and her dozens of crowns and banners, but there's nothing Harper Zapadka loves more than giving back to the community.

When asked about her favorite part about being in pageants, she said it's getting crowns, trophies and participating in charity.

When Harper's not shining on the pageant stage, she's volunteering her time with Morgan's Hugs. That's an organization dedicated to supporting homeless and disabled veterans.

She and her mom collect supplies, furniture and food to donate.

"We collect everything, basically. Blankets, hats, scarves, food. We do canned goods, toiletries," her mother Tayia Zapadka said. "We're there to make sure they have something."

Remember the story about George Jones Jr? The man who fell into the Maumee River with his wheelchair last week? When Harper and her mom saw his story, they knew they wanted to do something a little extra special.

They'll be donating Easter dinner and a basket full of toiletries to him and his family this holiday weekend.

"Obviously he had somebody else who was nice enough to donate a wheelchair to him which is huge, but we wanted to do something extra for him and just let him know that the vets truly are appreciated," Zapadka added.

Harper's only five years old, but she's wise beyond her years: a true queen serving as an inspiration all throughout the community.

"We just want her to learn not only to feel great about herself because she looks beautiful and feels beautiful, but also be beautiful on the inside and be able to give when she can," Zapadka said.