Local plow drivers anxious for a good snowfall

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Weekend snow is a big deal for companies banking on the weather for business.

"A lot of companies invest in the snow and want to utilize their equipment," Joe Lampkowski, retail manager, A & J Landscape, said.

That opportunity is rapidly approaching as snow system makes its way closer and closer to the area.

Sylvania-based A & J has more than two dozen crews on the ready.

"We plow, we salt, we do just about everything," Lampkowski said.

Come Saturday, he says, 30 drivers will be out clearing both commercial and residential properties, probably more than once.

Right now, they're bracing for a marathon shift.

"Friday, all of the guys are taking the day off, resting up, because we'll probably be working anywhere from 12 to 24 hours plus," he said.

In this business thought, long hours sometimes come with the territory.

"It depends on the length of the storm," Craig Simpkins, owner, C3 Services, said. "If it ends at a decent time Saturday night, we'll finish everything up and come back on Sunday to re-salt and check everything out."

C3 Services had the trucks in the shop Thursday getting them snow ready. A total of four will be out over the weekend and drivers are anxious to get out the door.

"December there was obviously nothing. It was terrible," Simpkins said. "November we had a couple of saltings and that was it."

All of that will soon change and in this case, it's being welcomed with open arms.

"Every company that is in this game is in it to make money. When it doesn't snow, you don't make money," Lampkowski said.