Local rescue group takes in dog and cat found in the extreme cold

Published: Jan. 25, 2019 at 10:14 PM EST
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With more extreme cold weather on the way, animal advocates are reminding everyone to bring your pets inside. Frost bite and hypothermia can set in within minutes and can kill your pet.

The Compassionate Village is a Toledo-based rescue group that's taken in several animals that are now hospitalized because of the cold.

A cat was found in a snow bank in the bitter cold last weekend. He was rescued by Good Samaritans and taken in by The Compassionate Village. He's been hospitalized all week.

While Francis has shown improvement, his prognosis is guarded.

Britni Wilson-Carleton is the co-founder of the rescue group, "When I was holding him he was trembling. His heart rate was low. His temperatures was 95.4 when It should be 100.5 -102.5, so it was dangerously low. If he wasn't rescued, he would have died."

A German Shepherd Dog was also found outside in the cold. The owner was charged with animal cruelty this week for leaving the dog outside with no food water or proper shelter. Britni says the Toledo Police Department executed a search warrant at the owner's home Friday morning and the dog was seized, "We have to be their voice, these animals are dependent on us."

While this advice may sound like common sense, it's worth repeating because pets continue to be left out in the cold. Your animals need to be brought inside during extreme temperatures. If you you can't bring them into your home put them into a garage or your basement.

If they absolutely have to stay outside, they need adequate shelter, food and water.

Dr. Brooke West is the owner of West Toledo Animal Hospital, "They have fur coats, but it's no different than us being outside with coats on. We still feel the cold."

The animals taken in by The Compassionate Village are now warm and being cared for 24/7. Britni says unfortunately there will likely be more stories just like this in the coming days, "Our approach is to be compassionate and we want to take time to learn the story. Maybe people just need help. We offer that help for free. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask for help. But when we see intentional cruelty, that is a different story."

No matter what the weather, rescue groups like The Compassionate Village will be there to help. Dr. West is grateful for that, "They are heroes. Rescue groups all over the area are out there fighting for these animals, saving them, getting them the care they need and eventually finding them forever homes. "

An important thing to remember. If you have to leave your pets outside, use straw to help insulate their shelter and not blankets.

Blankets can get wet and then freeze.

The Compassionate Village can always use donations of food, supplies and money. Insulated dog houses and straw are also high on the wish list right now.

We've posted a link with all the information.