Local rescue caring for a record number of puppies

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SPRINGFIELD TWP. (WTVG) - The Lucas County Pit Crew takes in hundreds of injured, abandoned and abused dogs every year, and then works to find them new homes.
The rescue group is at full capacity right now when it comes to puppies. The organization is in desperate need of donations.

Volunteers are used to taking care of a lot of puppies at the same time, but the rescue just broke a record. Jean Keating is the founder and Executive Director,"We have 43 puppies in the rescue, 32 of them are under 8 weeks of age. We've had twenty something pups at once, but this is a situation we've never been in before."

There were puppies everywhere at the Pit Crew training center today, "It's hard when they have a rough start in life. You want to do what you can to turn things around for them." Things are turning around for these puppies. Jean says they are all being cared for in foster homes, "Fortunately we had a number of different fosters say it's fine I can take two puppies, and others say I can take three puppies. We have a lot of great volunteers who help make all this possible."

The pups are all different shapes, sizes, breeds and colors .Each one of them is adorable. Robin Rayner is a foster and a volunteer,"The pups all have their own personalities. It is so fun to watch all of them. The little ones are usually the most feisty."

While this looks like a whole lot of puppies, Robin says this is less than half of the pups the rescue is now caring for, "Three litters came in all at once. It was like oh boy. They were big litters. They had 9 and 10 puppies each, so very big litters."

But Jean says it didn't end there, "Within 24 hours we had taken in yet another litter of puppies from someone who found them dumped in a box. They were not healthy, they were in truly rough shape. We took them right to the vet to get checked. All of a sudden we had an overwhelming number of puppies."

And of course that means there are a lot of mouths to feed, "We were down to about two bags of food, but I put out a plea to our donors and we got a number of bags. However with all these puppies we are going through about two bags a day, and that is hard to maintain.We need help."

If you'd like to volunteer with the Lucas County Pit Crew or make a donation of food, toys or supplies, we've posted links.