Local woman evacuated ahead of Hurricane Florence

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HOLGATE, Ohio (WTVG) -- Jeannie Detmer's memory of Hurricane Florence may forever be linked to the line of vehicles she passed while exiting the Carolinas.

"It was so eerie on the interstate because they stopped everybody," explained Detmer.

Detmer and her husband, who live in Northwest Ohio, were there for a vacation this past week, when they were forced to leave.

Charleston, South Carolina, is under a mandatory evacuation.

"I didn't realize it was getting so bad and I started getting all these texts from friends that live in Arkansas and all these places, saying, 'Hey, you'd better be getting out of there.' And it's like, 'What? It's not supposed to hit 'til Thursday," said Detmer, who was back in the area, shopping at Fallen Timbers Wednesday afternoon.

Detmer explains she had not considered a hurricane of this magnitude when she and her husband planned their vacation eight months in advance.

Now, they were forced to quickly abandon their plans and make a bee line for home.

They are sure to be followed by hundreds of thousands of residents leaving the path of Hurricane Florence before it ever makes landfall.