Local woman, who accused President Trump of sexual misconduct, runs for office

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TIFFIN, Ohio (WTVG) - Rachel Crooks is a product of Sandusky county. She's spent the last several years in Seneca county where she works at Heidelberg University.

"I think it's important to change the way politics look," she told 13abc Thursday. "Both gender and just the way politicians are working for people."

Endorsed by the Ohio Democratic party, Crooks is running for state legislature. She would represent the 88th district here in Ohio.

"It's a big challenge," she said. "But I'm a hard worker. I'm a conscientious person. I want to do a good job for the people in my district."

While she says she's always been interested in politics, it wasn't until recently that she decided to throw her hat in the ring, after she felt her voice was silenced.

In May of 2016 she came forward, publicly accusing President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. She says it dates back to 2005 when she worked in New York at Trump Tower.

"On one occasion I had introduced myself and he sort of kissed my cheeks multiple times and then my lips," she told 13abc. "It was really inappropriate and caught me off guard. That isn't normal behavior. It made me feel really upset and small."

President Trump vehemently denies Crooks' claims.

However, soon after she shared her story, the #metoo movement was in full swing. Crooks says she thought if other powerful men were being punished, the White House shouldn't been exempt. When she felt it was, she decided to do something about it.

"I thought, "no. You don't get to lie to the American people and get away with it. So, at that point, I decided to tell my story nationally," Crooks said.

Now, she wants to be a voice for those who feel stifled, whether that's a victim of an unwanted advance or a community wanting to be heard.

She says change needs to happen on both fronts and she hopes to be apart of it.

"I guess I would want the people of the district to know, I'm just like you and i want to help."