Local woman who lived with chronic illnesses for 44 years gets relief

Published: Jul. 19, 2018 at 10:14 PM EDT
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A northwest Ohio woman suffered from a number of chronic health problems for decades, including hypothyroidism, arthritis, fibromyalgia , heart problems and autoimmune deficiencies. She wasn't sure she would ever be cured, but a trip to Cleveland changed all that.

Cindy Tedrow lives with her husband on a farm in Delta. She dealt with that long list of health problems for 44 years As you can imagine, it was physically and emotionally draining. Cindy says a trip to The Cleveland Clinic's Center for Functional Medicine was a prayer answered, "Some days just walking would take all the energy I had."

In spite of that, Cindy and her husband raised two sons and she taught school for 30 years, "It was hard but I got to a point where it was just my life."

As the years went by Cindy's health problems continued to pile on, "When the seizures started that was the worst. The seizures were extremely scary. My dog Molly even alerted me to a few of them before I had them. It was amazing because she had no formal training to do that."

The seizures were in addition to the long list of other ailments like chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, dysautonomia and blood sugar issues, "I was on 22 prescriptions at one time, and it kept getting worse. I wasn't going to give up though, I had a family to raise. I also had faith and I knew that someday I would get answers."

Cindy enrolled in the Functional Medicine Program at The Cleveland Clinic, "For the first time in 44 years someone said to me we can help you."

The program is designed to treat the body as a whole organism rather than a collection of organs. Dr, Mark Hyman is an internationally recognized physician in the field of functional medicine,"We removed Cindy's impediments to health. We gave her the ingredients to her health. We gave her a whole food diet, eliminated inflammatory foods. We gave her nutritional and lifestyle support. Within a short time, she not only lost 80 pounds, but she was able to get her energy back and truly regain her life."

According to Dr. Hyman, Cindy say a more than 60% reduction in all her disease symptoms in just eight weeks, "Functional medicine is a new way to think about disease that gets to the root cause. It doesn't focus on the symptoms, it focuses on the questions of why you have those symptoms."

Today Cindy is able to do things that exhausted her for decades, "My last set of seizures, and I had four of them in nine days, was in April 2017."

Cindy credits her faith, her husband, sons and the team at The Cleveland Clinic, "They changed my life, they saved me. I am sure sure that if I had not gotten there I would not have made it."

Cindy's goal is to use the story of her struggles to help others. She plans to write a blog and speak to groups about her story.