Records fall, more to come

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TOLEDO, OH (13abc Action News) – Last week we tied a record low of -8°. Tuesday we shattered a different kind of a record. Despite the bright sunny sky, the temperature never got warmer than 5-degrees. That made it the "coldest" high temperature ever recorded for January 2nd. The previous high was 10° set back in 1920.

More records are expected late week as the temperature stays below 10-degrees for 3-straight days. Friday should break another record for the "coldest' high temperature by staying at 5° again during the afternoon. The current record was set back in 1988 and 1884 at 8°.

On Saturday we will tie a record for the longest streak below 20 degrees. We have had 8 days in a row below 20° and Wednesday will be day number 9. The last time the area had a week stay below 20-degrees was in February of 2007. We had a streak of 8-days in 1886, 1893, and in 1899. 9-days stayed below 20° in 1895 and again in January of 1979. The longest streak on record below 20 was in February of 1979. The deep freeze lasted 12-days.

While we have logged 8 days with temperatures under 20-degrees so far, another 4 days are expected in a row which means it is likely that this current streak of arctic cold will tie the record for the longest stretch of temperatures below 20° at 12 days. A warm up above 20 is expected on Sunday. Temperatures should warm up above freezing on Monday.