Long lines at blood donation centers to help victims in Las Vegas shooting

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - In the wake of tragedy everyday citizens do their best to help in any way possible. In Las Vegas the case is no different.

Even before donation centers could open their doors people lined up outside and waited. As the story continued to unfold and the number of victims increased, lines grew. People waited in lines for up to five hours, all to donate a pint of blood.

Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Northwest Ohio, Rachel Hepner-Zawodny, said the Red Cross nationally has already supplied 250 units of blood. All of that will help victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. It’s possible during situations like these that the Red Cross here locally would step in to help. "When something of this magnitude happens, where it's a mass casualty situation, it's not uncommon for supplies to come all over the place" says Hepner-Zawodny.

So far it hasn't been asked to do so, but you are still encouraged to donate because there is a constant need, especially for those with rare blood types. In the extremely unfortunate circumstance that a tragedy would strike closer to home, your donation will help the Red Cross keep a full supply when needed most.

"Its heart wrenching for all of us and if they have the ability to go donate, then go over to executive parkway, roll up your sleeves and donate a pint" said Hepner-Zawodny.

You can visit redcross.org to find a full list of donation centers.