Lots of people look to internet and streaming after stay-at-home order

NORTHWOOD, Ohio (WTVG) - With people forced to stay inside, lots of people are looking to streaming and the internet for entertainment.

Charter Spectrum announced it will offer free access to broadband and WiFi services to households with students. / (MGN)

Buckeye Broadband said it's ready to help people who are having either access or financial issues doing so. Company executives said Buckeye is seeing pretty high usage levels, but that usage has not stretched the ability of the network. There's still bandwidth available.

The company, which employs about 1,000 people in the region, is not shutting off service for anyone due to non-payment at this time. Instead, people can get on a lifeline service, which gives them the ability to do basic tasks.

For kids doing school work without online access, Buckeye tells parents to contact the child's school and they can get connected to the lifeline service.

So far, Buckeye is not lifting people's caps on data, if someone goes over the limit they normally pay for. If you run into a problem, the company suggested you call them directly.

"It's a different time that we're in, right? So if you're having some challenges in being able to pay your bill, call us. Talk to us. We'll work with you. It's something we do 24-7, 365," said Geoff Shook, president of Buckeye Broadband.

Other area providers have offers as well. Spectrum is offering free access for 60 days for qualifying teachers and students. AT&T is adding data to some plans.

If you're having an issue or see that your data levels are headed to an issue, it is best to reach out to your provider now.