Local community grieving the loss of a 17-year-old son, brother, friend

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HURON COUNTY, Ohio (WTVG) - A local community is grieving the loss of a 17-year-old son, brother, and friend. Damian Henning was last seen leaving work at Kalahari on Sunday. The Huron County teen was reported missing Monday.

His body was found under the High Level Bridge on Tuesday in Toledo. The coroner is ruling his death to likely be a suicide.

This devastating loss is leaving those closest to Damian confused. They're begging for answers as to why.

If you knew Damian Henning, you knew he loved his yellow Ford Mustang.

"Everybody in the group wanted him to drive all the time because he had the nicest car," close friend Brady Christopher said.

Damian is described as a goofy, happy guy. He was a great big brother and someone you could count on.

"My little sister works her butt off to support this family and Damian was such a staple in helping provide for his three sisters," said his aunt Robin Lloyd.

His mother, Bonnie, is holding on to her sister, Robin, while she grieves the shocking loss.

"He was an amazing, great, responsible, reliable young man that was very loved," said Lloyd.

The coroner says Damian suffered extensive internal blunt force injuries after jumping from the High Level Bridge in Toledo. Those final moments make no sense to his friends and family.

"There's so many unanswered questions and some of it we may never get the answers to and trying to come to terms that you may never have answers to these questions is a horrible, horrible feeling," said Lloyd.

"Everyone here can oblige, like no he would never do something like that. We never expected it," said Christopher.

Loved ones are gathering together trying to process the pain. Friends from different groups and schools are developing a special bond. Many of them searched for Damian when he first went missing.

"If you asked anyone one word about Damien, like he was the most caring guy. Like, he had the biggest heart," said Christopher.

Brady Christopher says his last conversation with his life-long buddy was a fight. Here's what he wishes he could say to Damian now:

"I love him and I'm always there for him and it sucks that he didn't reach out. Like, I wish he would have known I was always there ... just come to me. But, he didn't and that's how it is," he said.

Damian will be missed and leaves a gaping hole in his family's heart. One that's slowing healing thanks to the community's support.

"The impact that Damian has made on literally thousands of lives, I don't think he would have ever imagined," said Llyod.

Click here to donate to the GoFundMe page set up to help with funeral expenses. On Friday, students at several area high schools are wearing yellow in honor of Damian, since he loved that yellow Mustang. They're hoping others will join in and wearing yellow to remember Damian, too.