Local efforts affecting COVID-19 curve in northwest Ohio

TOLEDO (WTVG) - So far, it looks as though Lucas County is getting the message for social distancing.

Lucas County Health Commissioner Eric Zgodzinski feels the county is at the bottom of the curve, coming up. He added that we're most likely two weeks away from hitting the surge, regardless of attempts to mitigate it.

"That is a moving target because of the things we have been doing in Ohio," Zgodzinski said, "and that some of those other things that those states didn't do as soon as we did, or they're not doing them."

The biggest thing to take away right now is, it even though seems like we're doing well, we're still expecting a surge in COVID-19 cases in the future.

So, now's not the time to ease up on the efforts.

"I think the reason why we are is because of the things that we're doing in this community, that social distancing, the hand washing, staying at home if you're sick," Zgodzinski said. "We're doing those things and we're lower on that curve. And we're going to get to that apex. Don't get me wrong, but is that curve this high for us? Or is that curve going to be this high for us? Let's keep it there."