Lucas County eyes changes for 2020 election

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 6:18 PM EST
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Making changes now to make sure the 2020 election is a smooth one. After very late reporting earlier this month, Lucas County's Board of Elections is trying to come up with ways to correct the issues.

Lucas County was the second to last county reporting its results in the November election. Those final, unofficial results getting to the state after 2:00 a.m. The turnout for the presidential election next November is expected to be much bigger, so the plan is to head off those issues.

Was the Lucas County board of elections happy with the execution and reporting of result from this November's election?

"Well, no. In a word, no. We know we can do better," said David Karmol, board member of the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Among the issues: new machines, issues with the memory cards and simple human error.

"Every election we get great results on how wonderful some of our poll workers are. But we also have some that, quite frankly, it's beyond their abilities," said Karmol.

"We don't ever like being last. We'd like to be a little better than that every time we do this.So, we also have to do it right," said Kurt Young, board member of the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Some of the fixes include pre-wiring machines so poll workers don't have to assemble equipment they're not very familiar with. Stream lining was also discussed because the board of elections currently works out of three buildings.

Things were almost easier for the board of elections. Instead of having three locations, they almost had one single location at the old Kroger on Glendale by Byrne. But 13abc has been told that deal has fallen through so now the county has to find a new location.

"Being in one place we think will definitely help the operations and definitely on election nights," said Lavera Scott, director of the Lucas County Board of Elections.

As usual, the push will be on for more poll workers. They will especially be looking for younger ones who understand new technology and hopefully can be used for many years to come.

The logistics were also a huge issue. For example it took a two person, bi-partisan team about 30 minutes in some instances to get the paper backup for some polling places. That happened around 8-9 times according to the Board of Elections. So that's what in part led to such late results.

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