Lucas County is one step closer to building a new dog shelter

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - There has been a need for a new Lucas County Canine Care and Control building for a long time. County leaders say the current shelter is too small, inefficient and land-locked.

Tuesday, Lucas County Commissioners took a major step toward replacing the building. A consulting firm has been hired to help with the process. Community members and LC4 employees will have a chance to be part of making decisions about the shelter.

Everything is in the early stages so there are still a lot of unanswered questions about what the new building will look like, how much it will cost and where it will be located.

County Commissioners hope to be in the design phase of the project by the end of the year and break ground early next year.

Along with the new building, there will also be a new Dog Warden.
The county is in the process of looking for the person who will be the next director of LC4. A firm has been hired to help with the nationwide search.