More details revealed about plans for new Lucas County dog shelter

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - New details in a story we've been following for months. Lucas County Commissioners have started the process of building a new dog shelter. We've learned the timeline for the project has been accelerated.

While there is no concrete information about cost or location at this point, those questions will start to be answered in the weeks and months ahead.

The shelter has been in the same location for decades. The shelter has outgrown the space, and there is no room at that site to expand.

Commissioners are looking at options for a new location, but a decision has not been made. However, it will likely be in Toledo and we should learn more in a mater of weeks.

There is no word on cost, but it will certainly be in the millions. While dog license fees generate money, there will have to other revenue sources used to build the new facility including the general fund.
Commissioners are also open to public-private partnerships.

In addition to a new building, the search is on for a new leader of the shelter. The Interim Director is leaving for a new job later this month.
A firm has been hired to help with the search, and a pool of candidates has been selected. No interviews have been set up yet.

The goal is to have a new shelter director in place by the end of the year. Construction of the new building is expected to take 12-18 months depending on the weather, meaning a new shelter could be open late next year or early 2021.