Luna Pier neighborhood evacuated after wind and high waves

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LUNA PIER, Mich. (WTVG) - Relentless rain caused problems in a number of neighborhoods Sunday, especially areas along the shores of Lake Erie. One of the hardest hits areas was certainly Luna Pier, Michigan.

People were evacuated in the early morning hours from the Allen Cove neighborhood. The pumps are still running tonight in an effort to get rid of all the unwanted water.

Residents say this kind of flooding hasn't happened in decades..At this point, many of them have no idea just how much damage the high water left behind.

The wind and the waves first started causing concern in Allen Cove Saturday night, and the pounding continued throughout the day. Some were able to get back into their homes this afternoon, but Cheryl Krakow and others have to wait, "I am worried because we have a lot of things in the house we care about but we'll deal with it."

Mayor Dave Davison says this is a scene that hasn't played out in years, "Since we've had out flood control system in place and our new dike system this is the worst I've seen since 1983."

Volunteer firefighters began going door-to-door around three Sunday morning. About 200 people voluntarily evacuated, including Gunnar Grochowski, "We were the last ones out and they closed the road behind us."

Gunnar has lived in Allen Cove for the last couple years, "It was a new experience. It all started late last night. The waves were coming up and over the breakwall just shaking the house. The picture frames on the walls were shaking. I was wondering what would happen. Firefighters knocked on our door early this morning and we got out of there."

Cheryl Krakow and her husband have lived here for a dozen years, "Have you ever seen water like this here in the last 12 years? No, never. We have a point in front of us and very rarely is it submerged. Certainly not when the wind is blowing."

In spite of the damage, Cheryl says it's important to point out things could be much worse, "We're a close-knit community and people tend to help one another. There are a lot of places a lot worse off than this around the world right now, so we feel blessed that this is all it's been."

According to Mayor Davison, the city has had a full compliment of pumps going throughout the day. He expects that to continue through early Monday.