Mail carrier rallies neighborhood, helps elderly woman get air conditioner

KANSAS CITY, MO (WDAF/CNN) - Millions of people across the country are facing sweltering temperatures with most of the country in the middle of a dangerous and potentially record-breaking heat wave.

Mail carrier Christy Zahnter rallied a neighborhood to find a window air conditioner for Lovie Weekly. Weekly hadn't had an air conditioner for years. (Source: WDAF/CNN)

Escaping to the air conditioning isn't just a nicety at this point it can be a safety issue.

Christy Zahnter’s mail route recently changed, and she met Lovie Weekly.

"I walked up to her, and when you walk up to somebody house, you can feel the air coming out, and I couldn't feel the air, it was hot in her house, so I asked her, do you have air conditioning, and she said, 'no honey, that broke years ago,’" Zahnter said.

As soon as Zahnter left Weekly’s house on Wednesday, she sprang into action.

"The minute I left her house, I went to the barber shop. I went to a couple of the other neighbors houses, and just told them, we got to get this lady an air conditioner," Zahnter said.

Within hours, nearby neighbor Rick Strunk called his pastor at Grandview Park Presbyterian Church, who donated a window air unit left sitting in storage.

Weekly now feels the cool air blow through her bedroom window.

"It makes me feel overwhelmed. I'm thankful, very thankful," Weekly said.

After a few rough years in and out of the hospital, Weekly said she's happy for her new friendships, and just happy to be home.

Zahnter and her neighbors say they're not done helping Weekly yet.

They're working to get a ramp built so she can go outside in her wheelchair.

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