Mail carrier received hero award

Published: Jun. 13, 2019 at 1:43 PM EDT
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Jabari Hariman is a humble letter carrier. Being called a "hero" doesn't feel quite right.

"It's great to be called a hero," he says. "I don't really think I am a hero. I don't think I did anything anyone else wouldn't do."

In April, Sister Mary Peter Kaminski was rushing into her apartment to grab her purse but when she got to the doorway she tripped and fell. She called out for help and Jabari happened to be nearby delivering Mail. The timing was a lucky accident. He was running early on his route that day so he could take his daughter to a concert.

"Just responded just like anyone would," says Jabari. "I went and checked on her to see if I could help and apparently she had broken her arm badly."

He called 9-1-1, propped her up with pillows and waited for EMS to arrive.

"Thank God that he came in and helped me because it was a significant break," says Sister Kaminski. "It could have been very disastrous."

Jabari is a father of three and has another one on the way. His kids beamed with pride at Thursday's ceremony. Their dad won the "Postmaster General Hero Award" for saving Sister Kaminski.

"He's been my hero since I was born," says 19-year-old Teariq. "I knew it was just a matter of time."

The pair now share a special connection and their newfound friendship proves that a letter carrier's role can be much bigger than just making sure your mail goes in your mailbox, and everyday heroes are everywhere.

"He is my personal hero," says Sister Kaminski. "Now everybody knows he's a hero."

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