Mail carriers brave the frigid temperatures

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PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) A spokesperson for The Unites States Post Service says they continue to monitor weather conditions as well as evaluate transportation availability. With any winter weather situation, they typically attempt delivery where mail carriers can while emphasizing safety to its employees. They say employees are encouraged to contact their employee hotline for updated information since plant employees and carriers may have different reporting information.

Here are some dressing tips they provide employees for this weather.
· Layer clothing.
· Keep a change of socks and other clothing to switch into if anything you are wearing gets wet
· Wear gloves and a hat at all times / protect face and extremities
· Keep warm by drinking hot liquids
· If at all possible take breaks in a warm area, vehicle, etc.
· Use hand warmers

Mail carriers say some deliveries may not be made due to conditions. Any deliveries missed on Wednesday will be made Thursday.