Major expansion planned for steel plant near Delta

DELTA, Ohio (WTVG) - $700 million dollars. That's the massive investment coming to the steel production plant in Fulton County.

Now 13abc takes you inside the operation to see the now and the future.

It's hard to miss that massive plant off US-20A and State Route 109 near Delta.

At North Star BlueScope, it’s basically a high tech and sometimes very high temperature recycling process. Material is coming from places like Chicago and Cleveland giving scrap metal a new life.

The docile thud from contractors on the outside will eventually expand the work inside North Star BlueScope. A facility that turns scrap metal into over 2 million tons of hot rolled coil steel every year. That scrap starts in the electric arc furnace and is cast and formed to the clients specifications.

"There's a bit of a misnomer that it's a dirty, ugly business. It's much more technical and advanced than it was 20 years ago,” Jeff Joldrichsen, the VP of operations at North Star Bluescope said.

This steel ends up in the automobile industry heading to all the major manufactures. It's a mill employing around 400 people, coming from all walks of life including former cake decorators.

"Now I know how to make steel and cakes," said Cyndie Brick of the shipping department.

Brick watched the first coil roll off the line over 20 years ago. She now watches product from a small community end up worldwide.

“That's exciting to know how much we're affecting the local market and the global economy,” said Brick.

That massive expansion is underway. The $700 million investment will increase capacity by about a million tons yearly and add about 90 jobs. Recruiting is underway for that.

“We've developed a good workforce here. They've been very productive over those years and it's a great place to reinvest in Fulton County,” said Robin Davies, President of North Star Bluescope.