Making gardening tools out of guns

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The Toledo Mennonite church hosted a program called Rawtools Monday night.

The groups mission is to take donated guns and melt them to create gardening tools. The program started six years ago following the shooting at sandy hook elementary school.

Toledo police donated a gun seized from a meth lab to be used in tonight’s demonstration.

"The metal is being transformed into something that can give life by literally growing food for us,” executive director of Rawtools Mike Martin said. “But it also gives us a different way to engage in the issue of gun violence.”

"It makes me happy that people understand that this gun issue that we have is not just law enforcement it is a public health crisis and it shows the community that we are going to get a handle on it." Toledo Police Chief George Kral.

So far this year, Toledo has recorded 91 shootings with 32 people shot.