Man impersonating cop pulls over corrections officer

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MONROE, MI (13abc Action News) -- He was wearing a traffic safety vest and driving a Chevy Impala with emergency lights attached to the roof.

The approximately 19-year-old man behind the wheel claimed he was part of the "Monroe Volunteer Public Safety."

Police say he was impersonating an officer.

In a twist, investigators say the suspect came to them after he allegedly followed a Corrections Officer with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office to the Law Enforcement Center.

At about 6:45PM Thursday, Monroe police say a gold colored Impala did a U-turn and began to drive behind a Corrections Officer near E. Sixth St. and LaPlaisance Rd.

When the Corrections Officer parked, police say the driver of the Impala pulled in behind him, got out of his vehicle and started questioning the officer about his driving.

The Officer then asked to see some I.D.

According to police, the suspect would not identify himself and claimed he was part of "Monroe Volunteer Public Safety."

After a verbal exchange, the man got into his Impala and drove away.

That car was equipped with what is normally found on first responder vehicles: Emergency lights; A siren box; A laptop computer on the console.

Police are now looking for a roughly 19-year-old white man, 5'8", 150lbs., with a half mustache.

He was last seen wearing a t-shirt, jeans and a traffic safety vest.

Monroe Police are asking anyone with information about the man to contact Central Dispatch at (734) 241-3300.