Man's body pulled from Swan Creek

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The body of a man has been recovered from Swan Creek. Official identify of the man will be made by the Lucas County Coroner’s Office. However, the body is presumably that of missing man Jonathan Robinson. His family was notified and was on-scene during the recovery of the body.

In the early morning hours of June 10, Toledo Police stopped a vehicle for running a red light. The driver did not immediately pull over and as it continued driving, allegedly struck a parked car on Gibbons Street.

Body cam video shows the driver of the run when asked for his identification. A rookie officer chased the man who ran behind 165 Gibbons, jumped a fence, and fled into the woods where the officer lost sight of him. The other officer stayed with the vehicle and communicated over the police radio that his partner was in a foot pursuit. Three additional people in the car, one being a 14-year old girl were detained and eventually released.

Robinson's mother says her son likely ran because he did not have a valid drivers license and hit a car while stopping for police. According to a police report as the officer chased the driver they jumped a wooden fence and the officer's body cam fell off. TPD says that video doesn't exist. When officers make a traffic stop and activate their lights the officer's body cam is supposed to turn on or the officer can activate it manually. A TPD spokesperson says the body cam of the officer chasing Jonathan Robinson wasn't activated.

On June 29, City of Toledo Administration ordered an assessment of the Swan Creek area in order to determine a plan for the area to be cleared of brush and debris to better facilitate a search. On Tuesday, a City of Toledo Sewers and Drainage employee located the deceased person in the water and called 911. An autopsy will be completed by the Lucas County Coroner’s Office