Maumee City Schools has a new tool to catch drivers who blow through bus stop signs.

MAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) Maumee schools is beefing up security on school buses.

This summer, 10 stop arm cameras were placed on the fleet.

"We felt the installation of these cameras is one way to hopefully catch those who are violating the law," said Dr. Todd Cramer, Maumee city schools superintendent. "and maybe dissuade those who maybe consider passing a bus when we in fact have a student crossing the road."

Last year the district had several instances where drivers disregarded school stop signs.

"We have had people run red lights once a week. We have some routes that are worse than others. We have one route where 4 cars ran the bus red arm. The one went and the others followed."

The cameras cost 400 dollars per bus - money well spent when it comes to the safety of Maumee kids.

"The bus drivers are very busy people, they can't get the license plate numbers. This gives us one more investigative tool."

If a driver runs through the red arm, the video will be sent to Maumee police. Consequences could include a citation for $500 and/or a suspended driver's license.