Maumee to make 'HQ2' pitch to Amazon

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MAUMEE, Ohio (13abc, Action News) - Maumee, Ohio is a small town that's dreaming big.

When it comes to recruiting a huge business, the city of 14,000 is not backing down.

Companies like Dana, The Andersons and Owens-Illinois already call Maumee home.

With Amazon looking to build a second headquarters in North America, Maumee decided to take a shot.

Tuesday, Maumee's safety director told the chamber of commerce their town has what it takes to attract one of the biggest companies in the world.

John Jezak, safety director with the City of Maumee says, "We've got the talent, we've got the infrastructure, we've got the site."

The site includes up to 500 acres surrounding Fallen Timbers Mall. Amazon is only looking for 100-acres, but even big cities will have trouble finding that much land.

Zac Isaac owns most of the land surrounding the mall. He says his property is ideal, "We truly have a shovel ready site for any type of development, especially for an Amazon-type project."

Amazon wants 45-minute access to an international airport, a qualified workforce and a metro area of one million people or more.

But Maumee has access to highways, is close to Detroit Metro, has more than a dozen universities within an hour of town, the cost of living is inexpensive compared to big cities on the east and west coast and it has five million people living within an one hour of the city.

It's an attract option for Amazon and a winner for Maumee.

Lauire Tomkinson, executive director of the Maume Chamber of Commere says, "I think it would bring more business, more housing, especially downtown with the growth of all the flats."

Not to mention property and sales and income tax revenue. Maumee and the State of Ohio would have to provide some incentives, perhaps a billion dollars worth. But Maumee is in the game.

Jezak says, "We're also realistic. Everybody and their brother's in the game, but we're going to give it our best try."

Maumee would like to team with Toledo to present a regional proposal to Amazon, but Toledo seems willing to go it alone.

So Maumee is putting the final touches on it's plan in order to submit by the October 19th deadline.

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