Mayor-elect Kapszukiewicz has challenges ahead

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TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc, Action News) - Toledo Mayor-Elect Wade Kapszukiewicz won an impressive victory over an incumbent mayor.

As odd as it may seem, winning was easy. The cheering is loud and friendly, but governing is difficult.

Mayor-elect Kapszukiewicz knows that and he wants voters to know he's ready, saying, "I think they're getting someone who's hands on, works hard, wants to do the right thing."

And that will help as he learns to details of being mayor. Nuances, routines and the unexpected pop up and change the agenda.

That's what outgoing mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson learned, telling 13abc, "You cannot plan your days. You have to be nimble and be able to put in the hard work."

Kapsuzkiewicz will now run a government responsible for $500-million tax dollars and 2200 employees.

He ran against his party's endorsed candidate and promised new energy.

His victory could split the party and hurt his chances of getting anything passed through the Democratic- majority on city council.

But party leaders are optimistic.

Lucas County Democratic Party Chairman, Joshua Hughes says, "Wade campaigned that he can do better, so we're hopeful going forward he'll be able to fulfill his campaign promises."

The priorities may change based on budget realities. Policies may change based on what's needed.

But the man who hired Kapszukiewicz as a council intern 20-years ago has confidence the new mayor will figure it out.

Toledo City Councilman, Peter Ujvagi says, "I believe he has the smarts, he has the energy and I believe he'll put a team around him that will make a difference for the city of toledo."

And Kapszukiewicz believes if he sticks to his plan, Toledo will have a bright future.

He says, "We have to fight for it. We have to go out and get it. We have to earn it."

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